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Film Review: Eggers creates art-house horror classic with The Witch

To no surprise, niche horror continues to be met with antipathy from the mainstream.

The Witch earned Robert Eggers best director at Sundance more than a year ago, and reactions to advanced screenings of the film were such that A24 made the bold decision to give the independent horror a broad theatrical release in the United States. It made sense; championed by critics and bloggers alike and blessed with a superb marketing campaign, The Witch appeared to be the rare horror film that could draw audiences both young and old.

the witch 2

And draw it did, taking in just over $8 million during its first week in mid-February. An exceptional return considering the movie’s $3.5 million budget, sure, but far from the $16 million it tracked for following strong Thursday screening numbers.

So, what happened? Expectation and tradition, unfortunately.

Audiences tend to revolt against films that subvert expectation, that confound logic and invest in the ambient and emotional rather than the graphic. The Witch is no gore fest, and it shares little with its independent horror brethren. As such, casual movie-goers failed to connect with Eggers’ grim folktale (to put it nicely).

This, of course, is a shame because The Witch is one of the finest horror films of recent memory. Continue reading

Throwback: My ’06 review of the Clipse masterpiece, Hell Hath No Fury

I used to write hip-hop album reviews. I know, doesn’t seem that far-fetched at all.

From late 2006 into early 2008, I slammed the likes of Styles P and Sa-Ra (album is kind of dope now – what the hell did I know?) for This was pretty major  for me, a young journalist at the time searching for as many writing avenues as I could find. Perhaps more significantly, HipHopSite was the first website on the Internet to cater to rap in a way that spoke to me, and it unquestionably help to cultivate and refine my appreciation of the genre.

This was the place where I first heard Skew It On The Bar-B and Nas Is Like. I remember the goosebumps that accompanied the opening drums of the latter like it was yesterday. As such, HipHopSite will always hold a significant place in my life.

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